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Project Description
WSIM is yet another messaging system WebServices-based which enables us to communicate across private firewalled and natted networks only via HTTP/S protocols. It is designed to be WS-* compliant and to be compatible in advance with multiple IM systems.
  1. With WSIM you can deploy the server wherever you want in your network and then you can chat with your peers with only the need of internet (web - port 80) connection.
  2. You can be even under a Network Address Translation router or under a coporation proxy.
  3. Messages and file transfers are sent as XML SOAP requests with encrypted credentials to your WSIM server.
  4. You can leave messages or files to your contacts list even someone is not online, and the messages will be sent as they become online again.

Unfortunately every documents is in Italian language because of a lack in the designing process.
So this is a brief summary of the installation procedures.

To install WSIM you've just to practice with some few concepts. There are three main modules that make WSIM actors interact in the right way.
  • WSIMServices: this is the WCF core system.
    • It has to be run on IIS with an identity who has access to the "Trusted People" Local Machine certificates store.
      • To install the certificate read the readme file in the Certificate zip in the release.
    • It must connect to a valid MySql server (user: wsim - pwd: wsim). The scripts to create the db are in the release.
  • WSIMWindowsClient: this is the default client for windows.
    • It runs on windows pc that have .NET framework installed.
    • It tries to connect to WCF services whose urls are mentioned in Web.config.
    • It provides you with a fully functional chat for text messages and file tranfers.
  • ChatMobile: this is the Windows Mobile version of the chat client.
    • It uses the WSBasicProfile (the interface is provided in WSIMServices too)
    • It enables us to interact to WSIM from mobile phone.

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